Thursday, 24 July 2014

 HelpAge Summer Internship report {2014-15}

'Our beats for elderly', one of the slogan of Help Age. This time I and few selected friends got this opportunity to serve those who surely want our love and care. Our group had students from 12th as well as 11th. They were:-
 Sahil- XII  Girisha- XII & Garima- XII {as team leaders}
Palak, Mansi, Eleena, Ishita, Arzoo, Kashish, Shirin, Supurv, Gunjan-XI {As new members serving as volunteers for the school HelpAge project}
We had a great experience over their. We very much got inspired after seeing the working of a foundation i.e. "The Earth Saviors Foundation” as they were giving shelter not only to the elders but also to the orphan children and patients who are under privileged due to their mental disability. We found ourselves lucky to serve them, spending time and sharing their views was a great experience of its own kind.
The very next day we went to All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS). There we met Mr. Manish Nigam, an important member in the department of elderly old age section. With interest he showed us the way of working for needy people and we as volunteer participated with full enthusiasm.
On the third day, we visited to a physiotherapy center for taking care of elders in Kalkaji center. There we met Geetika Ma'am, in charge of that center and Dr. Pankaj the physiotherapist. They showed us the way in which elders could be benefited. We were surprised after knowing that center is not only a physiotherapy center but also a gym, library and at a same time a recreation center where all the elderlies could meet and spend quality time. Geetika ma'am shared with us some of the case studies also which really touched our hearts.
This summer internship under the support of HelpAge India gave us a special experiences which we all will never forget. We are thankful to HelpAge India and our school for giving us this wonderful opportunity and make us realize that “our hearts do beats for elderlies.”

Girisha Singh
Team leader


  1. Dear Girisha,
    Good to see you all working with sincerity for the society. God bless you. Msy you continue to do such good work and help all those who are needy and looking for your care and support.

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